Infralight Australia manufactures a wide range of personal  infrared heating systems, designed for many applications including  animal heating including zoos, horse stables, piggeries, hatcheries, dog kennels, cat breeding etc. 

Many countries have a diverse climate,  ranging from tropical to well below freezing temperatures. Animals kept in captivity  require personalised heating to keep them at their optimum body temperature during the winter months, while not interfering with their natural circadian rhythms. Reptiles including snakes, crocodiles and alligators, that would normally hibernate in captivity, can be kept in good health with near infrared heating.  Reliable heating systems for animal welfare, breeding, husbandry is an integral component for todays society. 

Anti-Glare Ruby Coating

Halogen heat lamps irradiate short wave near infrared light. Near infrared light is an important component of an animals health, it penetrates below the surface of the skin, promoting blodd circulation. Infralight’s anti-glare coating reduces the intense visible light normally emitted from halogen lamps while still maintianing an efficent heat output.  Infralight’s low power density halogen infrared lamp is suitable for 24 hour day/night operation. The ruby coated lamp offers a soft heat output while providing the optimum heat conditions. 

Infrared animal heating systems



Medium Wave Heating Module

Infralight’s  infrared heating unit is specifically designed for keeping mammals, reptiles and birds at their optimum body temperature using a  low intensity  near infrared lamp. The heating elements are ruby coated, long lifetime, inexpensive. The ruby coating is designed to not irritate the animals eyes, or agitate or burn  skin and  scales.

The Heating unit is easily installed, portable and compact, operates from a standard 240VAC supply. It can be fixed on a wall, ceiling or mounted on a stand. Dimming is available. 

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