Infralight’s Ultra-V series of ultraviolet disinfection systems are designed to provide many years of service at an affordable price. Treatment chambers are AS304/AS316, polished stainless steel. A complete range of options are available to customise the system according to the parameters of the application. All Infralight uv disinfection and uv sterilization systems are suitable for domestic, farm and industrial applications including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, brewing and soft drinks. All uv systems are designed for continuous operation treating cold and hot water. Standard components are used on all Infralight systems:  stainless steel chamber, high output uv lamps, residual current detector, lamp failure alarm and lamp hours counter with options for advanced custom designed systems. 

  • Infralight UV systems are made by Infralight in Australia to AS/NZ 3000/2000 wiring rules
  • All Infralight UV systems are supplied with a residual current detector which is required by law. 

System Design and Size

Ultraviolet disinfection systems are designed acording to several parameters:

  • Flow rate
  • Water turbidity and suspended solids
  • Ultraviolet transmission
  • Pathogen concentration. 

In order to achieve the desired level of disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection systems are designed for an end of life dose of 40mJ/cm2. End of life is the amount of hours the uv lamp has been used and is still achieving the desired kill rate. Note, UV dosages must  be higher to remove a specific pathogen including viruses, yeasts and moulds.

electronic ballast


Relationship Between dose and Kill Based on E.Choli

Microbial load (cfu/g or cfu/ml) can be expressed as log10 relationship. For example,  100,000 microbes is 5 log, 10,000 microbes is 4 log, 1,000 is 3 log, 100 microbes is 2 log and 10 microbes is 1 log. If the microbe count is reduced from 100,000 microbes cfu/g to 10,000 microbes cfu/g that would be a 1 log reduction (5log-4log). The count is reduced from  100,000 to 32,000 that would be a 0.5 log reduction (5 -4.5 log) etc. UV systems are normally designed for  Log 2-log4 removal depending on the specification required. 

GPH843T5L 40W uv bulb


Standard Models

  • Infralight offers  standard models in the Ultra-V range.
  • The Ultra-V series can be customised and upgraded using standard components.
  • Parts are interchangeable between systems. 
Model UV 300 UV 400 UV 1000 UV 2500 UV 4000
Flow Rate l/m  40 55 130 250 400
No of UV Lamps 1 1 1 1 1
UV Lamp Watts 30 40 100 200 200
Connection BSP (mm) 15 20 40 50 50
Chamber Material AS316 SS AS316 SS AS316 SS AS316 SS AS316 SS
Lamp Lifetime 10000 10000 10000 13000 13000
Voltage  110/240 110/240 110/240 110/240 110/240
Circuit Breaker RCD RCD RCD RCD RCD
IP Rating  42 42 (66) 54 (66) 54 (66) 55 (66)
Electronic Ballast Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Lamp Failure Alarm Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Lamp ON indicator Standard Standard Standard green green
Lamp OFF indicator red red red red red
UV Sensor Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
4-20mA Output Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Remote Activation Optional Optional Optional Standard Standard
Off-Delay Relay Optional Optional Optional Standard Standard
Alarm Contacts Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Mounting Brackets Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Hours counter Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Cabling All Cabling inclusive

ultraviolet sterilization systems from Infralight    Infralight's stainless steel uv disinfection system  UV monitor for measuring UV intensity      

Standard Designs

Standardised designs for simple and inexpensive installations. 

Design Flow Rate Nominal flow rate in l/min with clean water measured at 95% UV transmission.
Connection All systems are supplied BSP Connectors. Tri clover, BSM, flange available by order
Voltage Units are rated at 110/ 240V (50/60hz)
Lamp Lifetime The specified life of the UV lamp to reach 70% of the original irradiance
Residual Current Device (RCD) All systems are fitted with a residual current device in accordance with Australian and international standards
IP Rating Standard protection rating is for indoor or undercover installation. Outdoor protection rating (IP65/IP66) is available on all systems
Electronic Ballast All systems are installed with an electronic ballast. Electonic ballast offers great reliability, extends lamp lifetime and better lamp starting. 
Lamp Failure Alarm In the event of lamp failure, all systems are equiped with visual and audible alarms
Remote Operation Allows the user to switch unit either locally or remotely and automatically. Standard on UV1500, 2500 and 4000 systems. 
UV Monitor Optional. UV sensor allows user to monitor UV output. If irradiance falls below set value, alarm will activate
4-20mA Remotely monitor UV output with 4-20mA (coupled to UV sensor) or control  process as a function of UV output. 
Off-delay relay High outpt systems are fitted with off-delay timers. UV system will switch off after set time to prevent overheating and conserve lamp lifetime
UV Lamp Hours Counter Operational hours of the UV lamp are recorded and displayed
Alarm Contacts Remotely monitor UV lamp or trigger remote alarm/shut off valve etc if lamp fails
Control Panel Material Standard material is ABS and powder coated steel with option for stainless steel.