Infralight stocks a comprehensive range of ultraviolet lamps, germicidal lamps, UV lights, UV bulbs and equipment, spare parts for many UV disinfection systems. Infralight stocks standard low pressure lamps, amalgam lamps and medium pressure uv lamps. UV lamps are common in the purification of water, waste water, sugar syrups and effluents. An ultraviolet lamp, or also know as a  germicidal lamp, uv bulb and ultraviolet fluorescent tube,  is a special type of ultraviolet lamp which produces ultraviolet (UVC) light. Short-wave ultraviolet light alters the DNA of the pathogen causing  inactivation of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, moulds and yeast spores. It can also be used to produce ozone for water disinfection. Ultraviolet lamps, or otherwise know as germicidal lamps, are the most import component for UV disinfection. Infralight supplies a complete range of low pressure UV, amalgam UV and medium pressure UV lamps. Ultraviolet Germicidal lamps emit light at the wavelength 254nm

Infralight stocks lamps for many UV systems world wide including Xylem, Wedeco, Trojan, Bewades, Heraeus, Heraeus Amba, Heraeus Noblelight,  Wallace and Tiernan, Siemans, Davey, Calgon Carbon, AUVP, Wyckomar, Steril-Air, Puretech, Infralight, Ultra Aqua, UV Technic, Atlantic UV, Berson, Fluid Quip, Hanovia, Light Sources, Philips, Sankyo Denki, Emperor, Ushio, Hallet and many more. 

UV Light GPH843T5L
UV Lamp G36T5L/SP
XLR30 EcoRay DLR 30-1 Wedeco
Trojan UV Lamp 302509


Lamp Type Length Diameter Wattage Current mA 2 Useful Life Hours
GPH212T5L 212mm 15mm 12 425mA 2.8 27 9000
GPH212T5L/HO 212mm 15mm 18 800mA 5.0 50 9000
GPH287T5L 287mm 15mm 17 425mA 4.0 40 9000
GPH287T5L/HO 287mm 15mm 27 800mA 7.5 75 9000
GPH357T5L 357mm 15mm 17 425mA 5.7 56 9000
GPH357T5L/HO 357mm 15mm 32 800mA 10.0 95 9000
GPH369T5L 369mm 15mm 18 425mA 6.2 60 9000
GPH436T5L 436mm 15mm 26 425mA 7.3 72 9000
GPH436T5L/HO 436mm 15mm 42 800mA 13.5 125 9000
GPH843T5L 843mm 15mm 40 425mA 15 136 9000
GPH846T5L/HO 843mm 15mm 80 800mA 18 165 9000
GXO860L 843mm 15mm 40 425mA 15 136 9000
GXO900L 846mm 15mm 80 800mA 18 165 9000
GPH1148T5L 1148mm 15mm 60 425mA 21 174 9000
GPH1148T5L/HO 1148mm 15mm 120 800mA 25 200 9000
GPH1554T5L 1554mm 15mm 75 425mA 31 223 9000
GPH1554T5L 1554mm 15mm 150 800mA 45 380 9000
GPHA843T5L 843mm 15mm 105 1.2A
GPHA846T5L 843mm 15mm 130 1.3A
GPHA846T6L 846mm 19mm 170 1.8A