Infralight’s mobile infrared heating and paint drying systems are designed from many applications including paint curing, glass, metals. The unit can be placed anywhere where direct heating is required. The most common examples are found in the motor vehicle repair¬†industry. Ruby coated short wave heating elements with loadings up to 3kW, available in single phase. Made from sturdy powder coated steel, with pneumatic adjustment, the A30 is versatile and compact, very easy to move and very simple to operate. This unit is light, stable, and can be flat packed for delivery anywhere for easy assembly on-site.¬†

A30 Specifications:

  • 3 x 1kW heating modules
  • Ruby coated anti-glare short wave halogen lamps
  • Polished reflectors for maximum efficiency
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Pneumatic adjustment
  • Nearly 3m of head travel
  • 360 degree rotation of heater modules
  • 30 minute run timer
  • Automatic ON/OFF
  • 0-100% heat adjustment
  • Individual heater selection
  • Sturdy castors with breaks
  • Single phase power
  • 240VAC
  • Best quality materials
  • Made to AS/NZ 3000.2000
  • 12 months warranty
infrared paint drying
schematic paint curing system