Heating systems for productivity that counts

Infrared Heating of Cardboard & Paper  Products

Cardboard and paper laminate manufacturing requires precise heat control  of the paper so as to not over  heat the glue and laminate. Cello Paper in NSW Australia, one of the largest manufactures of paper and cardboard products, required an advanced heating system to obtain the high productivity required and quality of product. Infralight engineers installed a fast response medium wave unit, suitable to heat the paper at the right speed without damaging the surface of the paper. Fast response systems heat up instantly, but also switch off instantly. A safety feature required for when the process stops. 

  • Installed power:  45kW
  • 2 Infrared Heating Modules, top and bottom
  • High intensity fast response short wave infrared emitters 
  • Control temperature 70C
  • Productivity increased from 2m/min to 10m/min. 


Pre-heating Powder Coat Prior To Convective Heating

Powder coating heating systems are usually very long and expensive gas convection systems. Productivity is compromised by the slow temperature gradient of the gas oven. An infrared pre-heat system has many advantages. By installing just prior to the convection the line speed can easily be tripled, in addition, different colours can be used. The IR system melts the powder coat ensuring the coating is bonded. When the product enters the convection oven, the cure temperature is already obtained, so the line speed can be increased substantially. Because the powder is already melted, it will not blow off inside the oven, thereby contaminating other products. Electroseal in Queensland Australia needed a preheat system to increase line speed and productivity. The convection oven was too short. 

  • Installed Power: 150kW
  • 2 modules, 4 heating zones, installed on rails for adjustable spacing
  • Emitter type:  Short wave twin tube
  • Productivity increase 1m/min to 4m/min. 

Infrared drying of lacquer

Infrared Drying of Lacquer On Wood Panels. 

Infrared drying of paints and lacquer coatings is the bread and butter of infrared heating. Not only does infrared heating accelerate drying, but by choosing the correct heating lamp with an optimised wavelength, the product finish is enhanced. Most lacquers can take anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 days to dry. Infrared drying will accelerate drying and curing down to minutes or even seconds for water base coatings. 

  • Typical installed power: 18kW
  • Emitter type: Fast response medium wave
  • Productivity increase: minimum 300% to 1000% reduction in time.