Infralight manufactures special  infrared emitters, custom designed to match the profile of the application. Infralight specilises in  engineering and design manufacturing profiled infrared emitters for industrial processes in which very small surfaces, edges or contours have to be heated, designed to heat the intricate shapes of today’s industrial products. Custom designed infrared emitters can be made to any shape using the profile of the product to be heated. Infrared heating lamps are made to match not only the infrared output spectrum, but also the shape of the product. 

Advantages of special emitters:

  • Directed heating of small surfaces, corners, internal cavities and intricate shapes
  • High power density into precise areas
  • instant power ON and OFF
  • Automation of complex processes


Contoured infrared lamps and infrared emitters are particularly efficient,because they can concentrate infrared light onto a small surface area, saving energy and increasing productivity with much faster heating, but most importantly, precise control. Infrared heating lamps are controlled via power controllers, resulting in temperatre control plus or minus 1 degree. 

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