Prominent UV Lamps

Infralight Australia manufactures and supplies high-quality ultraviolet (UV) lamps, quartz sleeves, O-rings and power supplies for air and water treatment systems. Infralight Australia leads the way in ultraviolet (UV) lamp technology. With over 25 years of lamp  experience, our UV lamps are used across the world in disinfection, purification and germicidal applications.

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Infralight Australia supplies a complete range of UV lamps suitable for Prominent UV systems. All lamps are equivalent to the original equipment manufacturer.

Prominent UV Lamp 1035189

Replacement Lamp Prominent 1035189

Part #: 1035180

Power: 3kW

Model: Powerline

Prominent UV Lamp 1035057

Replacement UV Lamp Prominent 1035057

Part #: 1035057

Power: 2kW

Model: Powerline

Prominent UV Lamp 1009385

Replacement UV Lamp Prominent 1009385

Part #: 1009385

Power: 2.5kW

Model: Dulcode M

Prominent UV Lamp 1035179

Replacement UV Lamp Prominent 1035179

Part #: 1035179

Power: 1kW

Model: Dulcodes MV-KVQ

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