Ultraviolet Lamps for Waste Water Treatment

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Infralight  supplies replacement ultraviolet UV lamps, uv bulbs and uv globes, medium pressure uv lamps, amalgam uv lamps, quartz sleeves & ultraviolet products for many ultraviolet disinfection wastewater systems used throughout the world including Trojan, Xylem Wedeco, ITT Flygt, Berson, Heraeus and many more. Ultraviolet lamps and quartz thimbles and sleeves supplied by Infralight  are a direct equivalent of the original lamp and sleeve specification, no modification to existing equipment is required. Infralight is a major supplier of replacement uv lamps commonly used in many waste water treatment plants around the world.

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Standard Ultraviolet Lamps and Many More

Manufacturer Lamp Type Lamp  Reference
Wedeco SLR32143 2014
Wedeco SLR32143HP  2848
Wedeco SLR25143 2016
Wedeco SLR25113 2015
Wedeco SLR2536 2024
Wedeco SLR2581 2022
Trojan 302509 2940
Wedeco 11-L-AVP-L-300-2 GIA1200T6L/4
Rheem Guardian 11160C GIA1200T6L/4
Wedeco GXO900L GPH843T5L/HO/4
Wedeco GXO860L GPH843T5L/4
Wedeco AVP-350C AVP-350C
Wedeco AVP-220C AVP-220C
Wedeco AVP-500C AVP-500C
Wedeco AVP-700C AVP-700C
Wedeco AVP-1000C AVP-1000C
Fisher and Porter B1538008U011 G64T5L/4CI
Wallace & Tiernan WTL2000 AAC6451

Many more uv lamps specifications available to suit Wedeco TAK, UviFlo, Trojan, Heraeus, AUVP, AVP, Calgon Carbon, Berson, Siemens, Wallace & Tiernen, ITT Flygt, ITT Technology.

  • Modifications to existing equipment are not required
  • Specifications are guaranteed
  • Standard warranty conditions


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