Infralight UV-monitors and UV signal converters are used together with Infralight sensors for monitoring UV lamps in systems for water/air purification and disinfection  to ensure the required efficiency of disinfection:

  • Decreasing UV values indicate a lowered UV lamp output (e.g. at the end of lamp lifetime) 
    or a lowered transmission in water/air caused by pollution.
  • Alternating or temporarily lost UV values might be an indication of a lamp operated outside specification (e.g. lamp temperature too high). This effect might be caused by bubbles or solids in the medium also or might be an effect of electrical interferences on long cables with analog sensors.

• Differences: Infralight UV monitors differ concerning form, mounting type, sensor interfaces and signal indication. UV values can be indictated via LCD or simple “traffic light” LEDs. 
• Basic features: UV values can be forwarded to external process units via alarm relay or a 4-20mA interface. Hour counter and switch cycle counter enable lamp operation and lifetime monitoring. 
• Signal conversion: UV signal converter allow the direct evaluation of sensor signals via PLC. Converters are available for amplifying and converting plain UV silicon carbide diode (SiC) signals or digital sensor signals to analog standards.


Infralight supplies a range of uv monitors and UV sensors suitable for all applications. Low cost systems with high accuracy and simple to use. 

  • UV Lamp monitoring
  • W/m2 or % output
  • Lamp runtime
  • Ballast monitoring
  • 4-20mA remote tracking
  • UV lamp failure alarms
  • Ballast failure  alarms
  • Digital display
UV monitor ZED pro11

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