Infralight  manufactures many types of infrared heating elements, infrared lamps and infrared emitters

Medium Wave IR Emitters

Medium wave infrared emit IR light suitable for many applications. Medium wave emitters are inexpensive and economical to operate with lifetimes extending to many years

Fast reponse medium wave emitters

Fast Medium Wave Infrared

FRMW emitters offer high intensity and fast response times with high stability over a large area. Made up to 4m lengths

Short Wave IR Emitters

Short wave lamps emit IR light in the near infrared region. They are fast and very efficient

Spiral infrared emitters

Special Infrared Emitters

Infralight manufactures novel infrared emitters custom designed to follow the curve of intricate parts. 

medium wave infrared element

Round Tube IR Emitters

Round tube medium wave heating elements are common in many heating process, and they can me made up to 4m in length with a gold reflector. Stable, long lasting and inexpensive. 

Carbon IR Emitters

Carbon emitters are made from carbon fibre. CIR emitters are fast response but without the intensity of short wave heating lamps. Suitable fro many applications where medium wave infrared light is needed

halogen infrared heat lamps

Halogen Heat Lamps

 Halogen lamps are common in everyday   heating  applications from industrial heating to   domestic and  personal heating. Infralight  stocks  a wide range of halogen infrared lamps.