Infralight Australia’s halogen lamps set a new standard in  infrared heating

Infralight Australia’s halogen lamps set a new standard in  infrared heating. They produce heat in the same way that a light bulb produces light. Standard construction designs are readily available, so that they can be easily interchanged with existing equipment. Infralight’s  gold reflector allows the infrared lamp to operate at a significantly higher efficiency than conventional infrared lamps. A halogen lamp, also known as a tungsten halogen, quartz-halogen or quartz iodine lamp, is an incandescent lamp that has a small amount of a halogen such as iodine or bromine added. This combination of the halide gas and the tungsten filament produces a  chemical reaction which redeposits  tungsten back onto the filament, increasing its life and maintaining the clarity of the quartz envelope. A halogen infrared lamp can be operated at a higher temperature than a standard gas-filled lamp of similar power and operating life. 

infrared halogen heat lamps
Standard Halogen infrared lamps
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Gold or White Reflector

Infralight’s standard range of infrared lamps are available  in clear quartz , with white reflector or with a gold reflector. Gold is applied as a coating to the back of the quartz tube resulting in 95% reflection of the infrared light. Infrared is light and so has all the properties of light. The Gold  reflector results in  high efficiency of the light  radiated onto the surface of the product where is is need. 

Custom Made Heating Lamps

Custom made lamps are available. Email the required specification including:

General Specifications

  • Tungsten coil filament within a quartz envelope
  • Constant light and heat output throughout lamp life
  • Average lamp life 3000 -5000 hours 
  • Ceramic  version features insulated leads
  • High efficiency
  • Gold and white reflector 
  • Instant heat transfer
  • Compact and light weight
  • Manufactured to Standard AS/NZS60432.2:2007
  • Burning position: Horizontal and vertical ± 15°


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