Infralight’s H Series of hot water UV sterilisation systems,  are designed to operate effectively over a wide range of temperatures, from -10 up to and over 120-150C  for all water and  liquid processes. The ultraviolet amalgam UV lamp is specifically designed to emit UV radiation at the required dose  through a wide temperature range. How water UV systems are commonly  installed in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceuticle to treat legionella, also used in  commercial beverage and industrial processes. Normal low pressure germicidal UV lamps emit light at a wavelength of 254nm in a temperature range effectively from 10-40C, above or below that temperature, the UV irradiance falls dramatically. Infralight Amalgam UV lamps emit constant and equivalent  irradiance of germicidal UV, irrespective and independent of the ambient temperature. All Infralight Hot water uv systems are equipped with high temperature seals, water proof power supplys (IP66),  AS316 polished stainless steel chambers with flow switch activation and automatic ON/OFF operation. Optional extras include UV sensor and 4-20mA monitoring.


Infralight’s H series UV disinfection systems, have been installed in many hospitals, nursing homes, industrial companies from around the world. Infralight exports to all countries world wide. Infralight’s design offers either basic or full intrumented electrical specifications, with robust treatment chambers made from AS316 stainless steel.

The Infralight H series is designed for continuous operation at any flow from zero up to the designed flow rate. The automatic ON/OFF function will automatically switch on the system when flow is detected. When there is zero flow, the on-board timer will start running and if no flow is detected within the set time, the unit will automatically switch off, preventing over heating of the chamber and saving lamp life and electricity. The treatment chamber is compatable with hot and cold water, low pressure steam sanitation.

H Series Hot Water Disinfection Systems

Model H 2500  H 4000
Specification Download Specification Download Specification Download
Designed Flow Rate l/m  250 400
No of UV Lamps 1 2
UV Lamp Watts 200 200
Connection BSP (mm) 50 50
Chamber Material Polished Stainless 316 Polished Stainless 316
Lamp Lifetime (hours) 13,000 13,000
Voltage (110/240VAC 50/60Hz) 110/240 110/240
Circuit Breaker RCD RCD
Earth Leakage Detector An earth leakage detector is required by law according to AS/NZ3000. An RCD is standard on all Infralight UV systems
IP Rating  IP66-All H Series systems are waterproof for outdoor and wet area installation
Electronic Ballast Standard
Lamp Failure Alarm  Visual and audible
Lamp ON indicator Green Panel Light, 22mm LED
Lamp Fail indicator Flashing Red light with audible alarm, 22mm LED
UV Sensor Optional for UV sensor and Monitor including low UV alarm
4-20mA Optional with UV monitor. Tracks lamp UV lamp output
Remote Activation Unit will switch ON from an external voltage free switch, either a  PLC or flow switch etc
Off-Delay Relay Off-delay relay activates timer with no flow detected. Unit will switch OFF automatically saving power and lamp life
Alarm Contacts All units are fitted with volt free contacts for remote monitoring of lamp ON/OFF
Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets supplied as standard
Hours counter Analogue
Control Panel Material Standard construction is ABS with option for stainless steel or painted steel
Cabling All Cabling inclusive
Compliance All Infralight UV systems are compliant with AS/NZ3000.2000