UV Drying & Curing Systems

UV drying systems


Infralight Australia manufactures  a wide range of uv drying and uv curing systems for the printing and coatings industry. The UV drying process uses ultraviolet light of a certain wavelength and  UV light is absorbed by glues, paint,  inks and varnishes in a fraction of a second and dries instantly. A UV system consists essentially of the following components: ultraviolet  lamps, reflectors, lamp housings, a cooling system and an electronic operating and control system. A range of additional options can then be added as required. We manufacture to the highest quality standards with precise production of individual components, meticulous calibration of the UV units and the seamless integration of the UV system into the production process.


  • Simple installation with compact designs
  • Standardised power supplies and cooling systems
  • 1-40kW modules for many applications
  • Easily integrated into existing process technologies and interfaces
  • Advanced shutter designs to prevent overheating
  • High quality ultraviolet lamps
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  • Label printing
  • Off set printing
  • Food packaging
  • Metal printing
  • T-shirts
  • Newspaper printing
  • LCD bonding
  • PCB coatings
  • Paint curing
  • Adhesive curing

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